10” Homestyle White Wrap

SKU CODE 15357

Always tender, our wraps taste and smell freshly baked even after weeks in the freezer. Best of all, they won’t tear in use and are the most pliable, soft product available, virtually eliminating waste due to tearing. Rich’s® Wraps await your creativity for use in traditional and innovative menu items.

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  • Units per case

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  • Shelf Life Storage
    2 Days Refrigerated
    1 Days Ambient
    12 Months Frozen

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  • Unit Weight
    68.0 G


  • Extremely pliable and won’t tear in use
  • Superior quality
  • Freshest baked products with a clean aroma

  • Keep frozen until ready to use (-18°C).
  • Wraps/Tortillas wil thaw rapidly at room temperature.
  • Thaw out only what will be used in a 24 hour period. For optimum quality, do not break seal until ready to use.
  • If Wraps/Tortillas become compacted, roll in a wave motion to loosen.
  • Following these guidelines will keep Wraps/Tortillas fresh and pliable.