Raspberry Éclair filled with Whip Topping With Cream

SKU CODE 19708

Raspberry éclair filled with Whip Topping With Cream topped with raspberry icing and crunchy raspberry flavoured sugar crystals.

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  • Shelf Life Storage
    3 Days Refrigerated
    1 Months Ambient
    6 Months

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  • Unit Weight
    73.0 G

  • Our éclairs evoke a familiar and nostalgic charm to a new millennial audience. Their light aerated structure, with a creamy sweet inside, delivers a distinguishable mouthfeel and authentic premium taste.
  • With a choice of six variants ranging from the classic éclair to, on-trend contemporary flavours and toppings, they are the perfect treat across all day-parts. And the best part, all eclairs are handmade!

  • Defrost entire case or desired portions in the refrigerator overnight or uncovered its original packaging at room temperature (20⁰C - 23⁰C) for approximately 2 – 3 hours until completely thawed.
  • Serve immediately after thawing and return defrosted portions to the refrigerator until required.
  • Consume defrosted portions within 3 days.
  • Do not defrost or sell in a clamshell.
  • Note: All the above instructions are a guideline and results may vary.