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Taste. Versatility. Stability and visual splendours

Rich’s® On Top® with Cream and On Top® Chocolate is the perfect way to finish off desserts, shakes, specialty beverages and buzzworthy breakfasts, or layer up cakes, catering delights or grab-‘n-go treats!

Pre-Whipped in an easy-to-use pastry bag, operators can now enjoy all the benefits of non-dairywith the authentic taste and colour of fresh cream, without the need for any equipment! Enjoy endless possibilities with On Top® with Cream.

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Rich’s® On Top® with Cream
On Top® With Cream is an authentic, superior pre-whipped Whip Topping that is a blended combination of dairy and non-dairy ingredients for non-dairy stability and the taste and colour of real cream.

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Rich’s® On Top® Chocolate
Made from real cocoa, consumers love On Top Chocolate Whipped Topping’s creamy, rich chocolate taste that compliments any dessert, breakfast or beverage. Mix it. Layer it. Or use it as a garnish.

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Signature stability

On Top® has superior hot and cold stability that can be used in a host of culinary activities – letting you prepare large volume applications ahead of time, or build eyecatching desserts and beverages that are picture worthy! On Top® is the perfect catering and culinary solution.

Convenient & operator friendly

On Top® is simple, ready and easy-to-use with no mixing or labour required – saving operator time. Simply defrost before use, tear open the perforated end, position the nozzle and already whipped product is ready to top, fill or garnish menu favourites.

Texture and taste

On Top® With Cream, an authentic premium topping specifically formulated to have the perfect mouthfeel, light whipped and smooth texture that offers a rich, fresh dairy cream taste and colour – also available in Chocolate!

All day

Complete cakes, cupcakes and donuts or simply top or garnish beverages, breakfasts, grab ‘n go treats or countless other desserts. Perfect for hot and cold applications, and can be used as a component in many recipes – not just as a garnish.

Minimum wastage

No surprises with your costings, On Top® gives you an unbeatable yield with more usable product. A pre-whipped product guarantees you’ll always know what your margin is as you use 100% of the product.

Bench time

Long ambient bench time allows operators to work confidently knowing that On Top® will remain creamy and workable.

Dairy blend

On Top® With Cream is an authentic, superior pre- whipped Whipped ToppingTM that is a blended combination of dairy and non-dairy ingredients for non-dairy stability and the taste and colour of real cream. Truly, an industry first and the best of both to take your cake, dessert and beverage offerings from the expected to imagined.

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Delight from the top down with On Top with Cream

Shelf life

Unopened, frozen: 12 months

Unopened, refrigerated: 14 Days

Open, refrigerated: 5 Days

Refrigerated, decorated and domed: 5 days on a cake or dessert

Handling guide

  • Keep frozen at –18°C or below.
  • Once defrosted, refrigerate and use within 2 weeks.
  • Do not refreeze once defrosted.
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