SKU CODE 06646

Rich’s® Cream Cheese Icing offers an authentic-tasting cream cheese-style icing that can be used on carrot cake, red velvet cake or cinnamon rolls.

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  • Shelf Life Storage
    3 Days Refrigerated
    3 Months Ambient
    7 Months Refrigerated or Ambient

  • Ready to use and loved by operators for its ease of use and ultimate convenience – available in either 5 kg or 10 kg sealable pails. Simply open, stir and dip, ice or pour!
  • Satisfy consumer cravings and introduce a new flavour experience throughout the bakery. Use an assortment of Rich’s® Bakery Finishes beyond donuts and across the bakery in cakes, desserts or creating unique flavourings in crèmes or string-ice over pastries – the possibilities are endless!
  • Consumer-loved and specifically formulated to have the perfect sweetness, mouthfeel and glossy coating that is delightfully smooth, soft and irresistible. Loved by operators for its dry to the touch setting, anti-crack technology and flexible texture that is great for dipping, icing or pouring.

  • Stir product before use. Do not heat product.
  • Used for: Drizzling or dipping at room temperature for cakes or yeast raised doughnuts, cakes, sweet rolls, eclairs and any other applications requiring a poured icing.
  • Allow to dry for 20 minutes before wrapping.