Parbaked Pizza Sheet: Margherita

SKU CODE 21293

Our Parbaked Pizza Sheets are an easy pizza solution, that are adaptable for any daypart, skill level or environment – allowing operators to offer fresh and authentic pizza without the expertise or time to manage dough.

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  • Shelf Life Storage
    5 Days Refrigerated
    1 Months Ambient
    8 Months Download handling guide under resources.

  • Authentic Qualities | Our parbaked bases offer a rich, golden brown baked colour, with a fragrant, freshly baked yeasty aroma, and a classic crispy crust and perfect pizza bite for an authentic eating experience — light and crispy on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside.
  • Ready-to-Use & Easy-to-Make | We know that time is important to you! Our parbaked bases are already proofed, partially baked and require no thawing
  • just top, bake and you’ve got pizza within minutes.
  • Superior Tolerance and Consistent in any Oven | Formulated to be baked in any oven: impinger, convection, deck or wood burning.
  • Super Simple | Simply top (if required), bake and serve!

  • Download handling guide under resources.