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Swirl in the savoury and sweet possibilities. Versatié® has flexibility and strength to dish up creamy classics and unique creations. Versatié® offers the neutral taste and luxurious texture that makes ingredients sing. Craveable curries. Perfect panna cotta. Dippable dips. Create smooth success every time!

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  • Shelf Life Storage
    5 Days Refrigerated
    1 Days Ambient
    12 Months Refrigerated

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    1.0 LT


  • Developed for a variety of culinary kitchen creations, Versatié® is ideal for both sweet and savoury as well as, hot and cold applications, making it the preferred alternative for all cooking, pouring and whipping requirements.
  • Did you know? Versatié® can be cooled and reheated and won’t split.
  • Versatié® has superior acid, alcohol and fat stability tolerance allowing operators to do and create more. Pro Tip: Make standout sour cream by adding lemon juice directly to Versatié® without the fear of splitting or curdling. Alternatively, top and garnish Irish Coffees knowing Versatié® will remain creamy, workable and stable due to its advanced alcohol and heat stability.
  • Versatié® has been specifically formulated to be at sauce consistency and to thicken without the addition of other ingredients. Imagine reduced reduction time and less yield loss resulting in more portions per serving, minimised wastage, increased production time, and ultimately increased profits!

  • For Cooking & Pouring Applications: Shake before use and pour required amount directly from the pack.
  • For Whipping Applications: Shake before use. For best whipping results, pour Versatié® directly from the fridge into a clean, cold and dry mixing bowl.
  • Whip on medium speed for approximately 6 - 8 minutes until desired texture is achieved. Note: Desired texture is dependent on application.
  • Add colour, flavour and sugar as desired before whipping.
  • Versatié® is unsweetened, add sweetener to taste if desired.
  • Versatié® can be used in conventional mixers, cream guns and milkshake makers.
  • Keep refrigerated at all times between 4–7°C. DO NOT FREEZE.