Cookie Monsters

We've baked up some BOO-tiful inspiration to help you dress up your bakery this Halloween



Rich’s® Chocolate Biscuit Dough
Vanilla Flavoured Bettercreme®
Flavoured Gel Colours
Melted Chocolate

  1. Begin by baking an even amount of chocolate biscuits and allow to cool.
  2. NB: each monster needs two biscuit rounds.

  3. Colour 3 sets of Vanilla Bettercreme. One purple, one blue and one orange.
  4. Fill three piping bags fitted with plain round nozzles with the purple, blue and orange coloured crème.
  5. Sandwich the biscuits with a coloured crème of your choice.
  6. Fill a paper piping bag with Vanilla Favoured Bettercreme®, pipe two small dollops onto the crème layer.
  7. Fill a paper piping bag with melted chocolate and pipe a small dot on each of the white dots for eyes.