Dare to dream and experience the best of both


For years, bakery and foodservice professionals have turned to Rich’s® Whip Topping® as they demand consistent quality, taste and performance to create a signature cake and dessert creations. Now, operators can dare to dream and experience the difference, and the very best for their operations.

Introducing Whip Topping® with Cream – an authentic blend of real dairy cream and non-dairy ingredients. Now, there’s a delicious dollop for every occasion.



Blended perfection

Offering non-dairy stability and the taste and colour of real cream. Enjoy our superior Whip Topping® that is an authentic blend of real dairy cream and non-dairy ingredients. Simply the best of both to take your cake and dessert offerings from the expected to the imagined.


Developed with the same advanced Whip Topping® technology that customers around the world recognise and expect from Rich’s® Whip Topping® products – Whip Topping® With Cream is no different.


Enjoy the yield of non-dairy by whipping Whip Topping® With Cream to over 3.5 times its volume; allowing operators to ice more cakes and desserts with less liquid.


Can be used in its liquid form, or as a whipped topping making it a versatile option for all kinds of cakes, desserts, breakfast items or a variety of beverages.

Customer conscious

Specially formulated with operator and customer needs in mind, Whip Topping® With Cream is gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians.

Texture and taste

An authentic premium topping with a light, smooth and rich fresh dairy cream taste, colour and texture and no souring.


With a refrigerated whipped shelf life of up to 5 days, with no cracking or bulging. Rosette stability is beyond superior, setting the industry benchmark. Operators can prepare and merchandise cakes and desserts in advance that stay fresher for longer and reduces wastage. Whip Topping® With Cream allows operators to be more flexible and versatile than regular dairy cream, allowing you to experience the benefits of non- dairy stability and the taste of real cream.

Did you know

If Whip Topping® is over whipped, you can add more liquid Whip Topping® and re-whip until the product returns to the recommended soft peak appearance!

Handling Guide

  • Keep frozen between -18°C and –23°C until ready to use.
  • Thaw in refrigerator for 24 hours.
  • Before use, shake product well.
  • Pour into clean, dry mixing bowl, to approximately 20% of the bowl capacity.
  • For best results, whip at 7 – 10°C on a medium speed for 6 – 10 minutes, until soft peaks form.
  • Liquids, colours, fruit/nuts etc. can be added if desired.
  • Do not over-whip, if you do, add more Rich’s® Whip Topping® and re-whip until product returns to the recommended soft peak appearance.

Shelf Life

Unopened, frozen: 12 months

Refrigerated, decorated & domed: 5 days on a cake or dessert

Open, refrigerated: 3 weeks

Unopened, refrigerated: 3 months


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