We have extended our range of Danish pastries to give your bakery even more appetite appeal. From crispy twists to sweet swirls and decadent bear claws, we have something to tempt everyone.

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What is Danish dough?

Unlike other baked goods containing butter or shortening that are typically creamed into the mixture, laminating is the process of folding butter/ shortening into the dough multiple times. This process creates very thin alternating layers of butter/shortening and dough.

Once baked, laminated doughs result in the final product being very flaky and light. These thin sheets of flaky dough are often referred to as “layers”.


No Prep, No Mess, No Labour

It’s that easy, simply bake from frozen.


With so many shapes, sizes, flavours and simple finishing options to choose from, your bakery cabinet or buffet will always look enticing!

Texture & Taste

Our range of Danish pastries are irresistibly light and flaky with the authentic nostalgic richness that only a true Danish pastry can offer.

Food Safety Guaranteed

Experience a confidence that you and your shoppers can always count on. Our Danish pastries are manufactured under the most stringent adherence to food safety standards and practices that ensure the safety and reliability of our food supply.

Minimise Wastage

Our Danish range offers you a large range of pastries without the waste. No extra time needed and no large ingredients holding. Simple bake from frozen, no fuss, no waste!

What makes our Danish range so special?

The process of scratch making laminated dough is not only time consuming but requires practice, finesse and a controlled environment.

Making laminated dough contains 2 main steps:
1. Making the dough
2. Laminating the dough by adding butter/shortening and then folding and rolling the dough several times.

Merchandising tips

Place individually wrapped packs on bakery counters or till points for impulse purchase.

Perfect for:
• Large or small stores
• Retail bakery counters
• Coffee shops and kiosks
• School tuck shops and university canteens
• Corporate canteens
• Take away breakfast boxes

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