Classic, nostalgic and on-trend!


Our éclairs evoke a familiar and nostalgic charm to a new millennial audience. Their light aerated structure, with a creamy sweet inside, delivers a distinguishable mouthfeel and authentic premium taste.

With a choice of six variants ranging from the classic éclair to, on-trend contemporary flavours and toppings, they are the perfect treat across all day-parts. And the best part, all eclairs are handmade!



No Prep, No Mess, No Labour

Deliver the need while minimizing food costs, labour and equipment. Our éclairs are fully-finished, packed and arrive frozen ready-to-sell. Simply thaw and serve.

Consistent & Delicious

Execution is easy and consistent. Our éclairs are made with decadent, high quality, premium ingredients and are hand-decorated; ensuring superior, great tasting éclairs all day everyday.

Minimise Wastage

No surprises with your costings. Our ready-to-sell eclairs guarantees you’ll always know what your margin is as you use 100% of the product. Furthermore, a ready-to-sell product allows operators to merchandise the required amount.

Food Safety Guaranteed

Experience a confidence that you and your shoppers can always count on. Our éclairs are manufactured under the most stringent and robust adherence to food safety standards and practices that ensure the safety and reliability of our food supply.

Texture & Taste

Specifically formulated to have the perfect sweetness, mouthfeel and texture that are delightfully soft, light and irresistible – an authentic taste of French patisserie, locally baked.

Finished By Hand

Our Eclairs are handmade to ensure we achieve an authentic taste and creamy centre. Localy Baked. Made with Care


  • Products that burst with flavour that are visually striking and have a variety of textures.
  • Are playful and nostalgic yet modern and contemporary.
  • Eye-catching and ready-to-eat desserts that evoke emotion.


Our new generation choux pastry has been specifically formulated to have a robust internal tunnel structure with anti-soggy technology to prevent éclairs from going soggy when filled – ensuring éclairs stay fresher for longer whilst maintaining the traditional taste, crispy light texture and visual appeal.


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handling guide

  • Store frozen at -18⁰C or below
  • Defrost entire case or desired portions in the refrigerator overnight or uncovered in its original packaging at room temperature (20⁰C – 23⁰C)
    for approximately 2 – 3 hours until completely thawed.
  • Serve immediately after thawing and return defrosted portions to the refrigerator until required.
  • Consume defrosted portions within 3 days.
  • Do not defrost or sell in a clamshell.

Shelf Life

Unopened, frozen: 4 Months

Open, refrigerated: 2 days once thawed

Unopened, refrigerated: Up to 3 days unopened in original packaging.

Do not refreeze after defrosting