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Frequently Asked Questions

Toppings & Icings

Rich’s® Ready-to-Whip Toppings and Icings offer consistency and performance to make any cake or dessert a delight to use. Download our best practices and troubleshooting for amazing results. This document will help you with some great tips to make sure every bowl you whip is the absolute best it can be.

Culinary Solutions

Cooking Rich™ provides excellent stability, great consistency and a delicious creamy flavour & texture. Cooking Rich™ is already at sauce consistency and thickens without the addition of other ingredients, providing consistent taste and texture. Reduction time is significantly faster when compared to fresh cream and other non-dairy competitors, resulting in less yield loss and faster production times in busy kitchens.

Cooking Rich™ outperforms both dairy and non-dairy competitors

Cooking Rich™ 7:20 min 500ml 425ml 15%
Competitor A 11:20 min 500ml 380ml 24%
Competitor B 17:03 min 500ml 300ml 40%
Fresh Cream 19:34 min 500ml 230ml 54%

Tres Riches® Syrup is a revolutionary and delicious beverage, cake and dessert base mix. Originally derived from the traditional Mexican Tres Letches syrup recipe – a three milk dessert mix – developed for traditional Tres Riches® sponges to ensure quick and perfect absorption.

Tres Riches® Syrup is ideal for both bakery and foodservice operators and is a ready-to-use, versatile and innovative product. Simply thaw to pour, soak, cook or blend. No whipping is required. Explore this product here.

Unfortunately not. We have specifically developed traditional and authentic Tres Riches® sponges to ensure quick and perfect absorption. Tres Riches® Syrup has the ideal viscosity to be absorbed and retained throughout Rich’s® Tres Riches® sponges.


Rich’s® Homestyle Donuts are recognised and renowned for their soft and light texture. They require baking at 180⁰C for approximately 2-3 minutes.

Rich’s® Traditional Donuts are more dense in texture, and represent the traditional South African Donut. These donuts do not require any baking, you simply thaw, decorate and serve.

Readibake® are Freezer to Oven pastry and croissant products that require no thawing or proving. Explore the full product range here.

Rich’s® Freezer To Oven Technology means NO proofing, NO defrosting and NO glazing.

This leads to less product waste as fast preparation allows baking of several smaller batches per day instead of one large batch in the morning.

Of course that leads to an increase sales as several smaller batches per day leads to all-day freshness and less products out of stock

Thaw, Prove & Bake requires defrosting of the product, proving it, glazing it and then baking the product.

Pre-Proved products have already been proofed, therefore it just needs to be thawed and baked.

FTO products do not require any thawing or proofing, simply bake straight from the freezer.

It all depends on the use for the product.If you are a hotel operator you would use a 25g/40g croissant for breakfast buffets in order to keep your costs down.

If you are a caterer, you will mostly use small 25g croissants due to offering needs.

If you are restaurant operator, or a hotel operator looking for lunch and dinner offerings or are going to fill a croissant, you will use larger 60g/80g.

A cookie is soft and chewy and biscuit is hard and crunchy.

Yes, all our savoury pastry products are Halal certified.


Unfortunately not. As we have partnered with select and specific industry lead distributors, our products are only available through Rich’s appointed distributors. Contact us to find out which distributor will be the best suited for your business type and requirements.

Our product are only available for order through select national and regional distributors. Contact us to find out which distributor will be the best suited for your business type and requirements.

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