Introducing Rich’s® Parbaked Pizza Bases

If pizza’s on the menu, Rich’s is your perfect partner. Our parbaked pizza bases are ideal for busy kitchens that take pride in serving delicious pizza. Quick and easy, ready in minutes and great for all kitchens – Rich’s® Parbaked Pizza Bases are the easiest way to mouth-watering pizza perfection!

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Texture & Taste

Made with quality ingredients and developed to have a light, airy interior with a random, open, highly textured cell structure that creates an enjoyable eating experience for everyone!

Value and Versatility

Authentic pizzeria-quality, operational practicality and menu versatility – create a variety of alternative menu options such as tramazinis, focaccia, breadsticks and more.

Operator Friendly

Produce exceptional pizzas on-demand without handling hassles, with a product that guarantees to deliver on freshness and experience. Little-to-no training, prep time, clean up or wastage results in quick turnarounds and no missed sales.

Ready-to-Use & Easy-to-Make

We know that time is important to you! Our parbaked bases are already proofed, partially baked and require no thawing; just top it, bake it and you’ve got a delicious pizza in as little as 2-9 minutes.

Superior Tolerance and Consistent in any Oven

Formulated to be baked in any oven: impinger, convection, deck or wood burning. Achieve consistent results from a variety of handling options: Freezer-to-oven, refrigerator-to-oven or room temperature-to-oven.

Authentic Qualities

Our parbaked bases offer a rich, golden brown baked colour, with a fragrant, freshly baked yeasty aroma, and a classic crispy crust and perfect pizza bite for an authentic eating experience — light and crispy on the outside and slightly chewy on the inside.

Labour Saving & Less Equipment

With parbaked bases, there’s no mixer, sheeter or proofer required; baking on sheet pans eliminates the need for special pizza pans or screens. Save on space, time, and money on
equipment and maintenance costs.

Super Simple

Simply top, bake and serve!

Headline pizza trends on the rise

Today’s consumers are transforming the pizza market — and Rich’s® has everything you need to adapt. We translate the trends that will drive revenue for your operation.

  • Authentic ingredients
  • More choices
  • Easy to execute
  • An elevated experience!

$149 BILLION – World pizza market
R9 BILLION PER ANNUM – Estimated South African Pizza market

Chew on the numbers
DID YOU KNOW – You can achieve over a 58% margin on Pizza – add Pizza to your menu today!
BANK over R1500 in profit by selling just 1 of each pizza size (S,M & L) per day in a calendar month!


All the pizza equipment and smalls you need

We’ve made entering the pizza market easy for you by sourcing leading suppliers of equipment, smalls, packaging and ingredients. Our expert team of Culinarians and Sales Associates can provide a comprehensive overview and in-depth discussions to get your pizzeria up and running in no time.

Maximise your merchandising

Reach your consumers where it counts – in the moment. Create the opportunity for impulse and ensure you have eye-catching displays that get shoppers to stop, take notice and start craving a slice.


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