Hairy Monster

We've baked up some BOO-tiful inspiration to help you dress up your bakery this Halloween


DIFFICULTY Easy to Medium

Rich’s® Chocolate Biscuit Dough
White Chocolate
Dark Chocolate
2 1/2 6” Rich’s® Chocolate Sponges
Sugar Syrup
Vanilla Flavoured Bettercreme®
Gel Colours

For The Googly Eyes

  1. Begin by baking five chocolate biscuits.
  2. Once baked, immediately push lollipop sticks into the hot biscuits and allow to cool.
  3. Coat the flat side of the biscuit with melted white chocolate and allow to set.
  4. Fill a paper piping bag with melted dark chocolate, randomly pipe one circle on top of each coated biscuit for eyes.
  5. Set aside for use later.


For The Cake

  1. Prepare two & a half 6” chocolate sponges (5 layers).
  2. Brush each layer with sugar syrup.
  3. Fill the centre of each half using Vanilla Flavoured Bettercreme® to create a five layer cake.
  4. Colour 3 sets of Vanilla Flavoured Bettercreme®. One orange, one blue and one purple.
  5. Fill a piping bag fitted with a grass nozzle with purple coloured crème.
  6. Pipe “monster hair” over the bottom sponge layer.
  7. Fill another piping bag with orange coloured crème.
  8. Skip the 2nd layer of sponge and pipe the same effect around the 3rd sponge layer.
  9. Fill another piping with blue coloured crème and pipe the same effect over the top layer of cake.
  10. Fill a paper piping bag with melted chocolate or black coloured crème.
  11. Pipe a squiggly mouth on the orange layer.
  12. Fill a paper piping bag with soft Vanilla Flavoured Bettercreme®.
  13. Cut the tip of the piping bag into a “V” and pipe two triangles to resemble teeth.
  14. Place the “googly eyes” you made earlier on top of the cake.