Popping Caramel Tres Riches Cake

Sweeten the deal and amplify your traditional Tres Riches® Cake offering. Caramel, caramelised popcorn and Tres Riches® Syrup is a cracker cake combination!



1 Tres Riches® 150 mm (6’’) Sponge
200 ml Tres Riches syrup®
120 g Vanilla/Dairy Flavoured Bettercreme or Vanilla Flavoured Bettercreme® Pre-Whip
40 ml Caramel drizzle, see method
45 g Caramel popcorn
  1. Begin by slicing a Tres Riches® 6” or Rectangular Sponge in half.
  2. Fill a piping bag, fitted with any shape nozzle, with Vanilla/ Dairy Flavoured Bettercreme® or Vanilla Flavoured Bettercreme® Pre-Whip.
  3. Using one sponge half, pipe a barrier of Bettercreme® around the outer edge of the sponge and saturate the layer with 100 ml (6” Sponge) or 250 ml (Rectangular Sponge) of Tres Riches® Syrup.
  4. Once saturated, top the layer with Bettercreme® and place the remaining sponge layer on top and repeat the process. Finish by neatly base icing the entire cake.
  5. Decorate as desired.