Premium Round Black Forest Cake


DIFFICULTY Easy to Medium

2 x Rich’s 200mm (8”) Signature chocolate sponge
270 g Dairy or Vanilla Flavoured Bettercreme ®
80 g Black cherry pie filling
50 g Chocolate shards
300 g Mixed berries
  1. Serrated cake knife
  2. Spatula
  3. Piping bag
  4. Large plain round nozzle
  5. Scissors
  6. Cake board
  7. Paper piping bags
  1. Begin with one layer of an 8” chocolate sponge. Fill a piping bag with Dairy/Vanilla Bettercreme® fitted with a large plain round nozzle.
  2. Starting at the outer lip of the cake, pipe thick long drop shells around the cake.
  3. Filling the centre with a swirl of crème to finish the layer
  4. Repeat this process twice more, to build up a 3 layer cake.
  5. Add a generous dollop of black cherry pie filling to the center of the 3rd sponge layer.
  6. Using a mini palette knife, gently spread the pie filling evenly around. PRO TIP: Don’t spread pie filling to the very edge of the cake.
  7. To decorate, add fresh berries and fruits to the top of the cake as desired. PRO TIP: Pre-coat all fruit with flan gel before decorating cake.
  8. Crack a few pre-made chocolate shards to garnish the top of the cake.PRO TIP: Create chocolate shards by spreading melted chocolate onto baking paper.
  9. Optional: Lightly dust the top of the cake with icing sugar for extra appeal.