Salted Puff Pastry Cups

Salted Puff Pastry Cups With Caramel Mousse, Grilled Banana’s and Caramelised Popcorn




PREP TIME 30 mins



Mousse Ingredients
500ml Cold Rich’s® Versatie®
1 Tin Caramel spread
2 Tsp Powdered gelatine


Pastry Cups Ingredients
Rich’s® Premium Puff
Pastry Sheets
Sea Salt


Topping Ingredients
Grilled banana slices
Caramelised popcorn
Edible flowers

Method For The Caramel Mousse

  1. Begin by sponging the gelatine in a bit of cold water.
  2. Melt the caramel over a double boiler.
  3. Melt the gelatine and combine it with the caramel.
  4. Allow this mixture to cool into a sticky syrup.
  5. In a chilled mixing bowl whip up the Rich’s® Versatie®
  6. Slowly whip the sticky caramel syrup into the Rich’s® Versatie®.
  7. Allow the mixture to chill overnight.


Method For The Pastry Cups

  1. Cut and prepare the desired shape and size puff pastry cup.
  2. Spray the pastry with a light spritz of water and crack coarse salt over.
  3. Bake the puff pastry cups until crispy and golden brown.


Pro Tip: For a classic carrier, round is best. Square shaped carriers create a more modern feel.

  1. Fill the puff pastry cups with the pre-prepared mousse.
  2. Top with the caramelised popcorn, bananas and edible flowers as desired.