Donut Glaze 10 kg

SKU CODE 18905

Donut Glaze gives donuts and delicacies a sweet upgrade that provides a glossy shine, good clarity and a sugary bite that is easy to use.

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  • Shelf Life Storage
    270 Days Refrigerated
    270 Days Ambient
    270 Days Refrigerated or Ambient

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    10.0 KG

  • Ready to use and loved for its ease of use and ultimate convenience. Available in 10 kg sealable pail, simply open, stir, dip and ice!
  • Give donuts an added touch and create consumer cravings that are too good to refuse! Use Donut Glaze on an assortment of delicacies beyond donuts and across the bakery – the possibilities are endless!
  • On-trend and consumer-loved, Donut Glaze gives donuts and bakery delicacies a sweet upgrade. Specially formulated to have the perfect sweetness, sugary bite and glossy shine that is irresistible.

  • DIRECTIONS: 1) Open the pail. 2) Using a large spoon, agitate the icing from the bottom of the pail to the top and mix well. 3) Decant the required amount of Donut Glaze into a sealable, airtight container. 4) For best results, apply to a hot donut. Remove donuts from oven and glaze donuts by dipping, twisting and scraping excess glaze off the donut. Place glazed donuts on a drip tray allowing excess glaze to drip off. Alternatively, place donuts on a drip tray and pour the glaze over a hot donut. 5) Decorate the top of the donut as required. 6) Allow glaze to set before merchandising. Store between -23°C and 27°C. Do not allow temperature to go above 27°C. If frozen or refrigerated, temper at room temperature overnight below 27°C.