Readibake® 60 g Croissant

SKU CODE 02345

ReadiBake® Freezer-To-Oven products are baked off in 2 easy steps - just pan and bake, no thawing and no proving required! Manufactured under a unique patented process, ReadiBake® is the pioneer of the original and only true Freezer-To-Oven product in South Africa.

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  • Units per case

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  • Shelf Life Storage
    1 Days Refrigerated
    1 Months Ambient
    12 Months Frozen

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  • Unit Weight
    60.0 G

  • No proofing. No defrosting. No glazing. True freezer-to-oven technology.
  • Real butter and superior quality ingredients provide your customers with the authentic, delicious buttery French experience.
  • Fast preparation (16 - 24 mins from frozen to baked) allows baking of several smaller batches per day instead of 1 large batch in the morning, helping you to manage wastage.

  • No defrosting, freezer to oven.
  • Pre-heat oven. Convection oven: 165 - 175°C. All other ovens: 180 - 200°C. Damper open and no steam required.
  • Baking time: 18 - 24 minutes (depending on product size).