Rustic Baguette

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The exact origin of the famous French Baguette is not known, however what we do know is that this beautifully crafted bread has been enjoyed for centuries not only in France but worldwide. The provenance of France, this Baguette epitomises simple sophistication.

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  • Units per case

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  • Shelf Life Storage
    1 Days Refrigerated
    1 Months Ambient
    11 Months Frozen

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  • Unit Weight
    270.0 G


  • Parbaked & frozen
  • Shaped by hand, made using artisanal processes and with stoneground flour
  • Ultimate convenience – simply bake from frozen for 2 – 8 minutes

  • Remove from freezer.
  • Bake at 180°C for 5 mins with 5 seconds steam. Closed damper