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Swirl in the savoury and sweet possibilities. Versatié® has flexibility and strength to dish up creamy classics and unique creations. Versatié® offers the neutral taste and luxurious texture that makes ingredients sing. Craveable curries. Perfect panna cotta. Dippable dips. Create smooth success every time!

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  • Shelf Life Storage
    5 Days Refrigerated
    1 Months Ambient
    12 Months Refrigerated

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  • Unit Weight
    1.0 LT

  • Developed for a variety of culinary kitchen creations, ideal for both sweet and savoury as well as, hot and cold applications, making it the preferred alternative for all cooking, pouring and whipping requirements.
  • Did you know? Versatié® can be cooled and reheated and it won’t split.
  • Versatié® has superior acid, alcohol and fat stability tolerance allowing operators to do more and create more.
  • Whip Versatié® up to 3 times it’s original volume
  • providing a greater yield that allows operators to get more dollops per portion, saving you on cost! Advanced whipped stability and hold time allows operators to prepare decadent desserts in advance.

  • For Cooking & Pouring Applications: Shake before use and pour required amount directly from the pack.
  • For Whipping Applications: Shake before use. For best whipping results, pour Versatié® directly from the fridge into a clean, cold and dry mixing bowl.
  • Whip on medium speed for approximately 6 - 8 minutes until desired texture is achieved. Note: Desired texture is dependent on application.
  • Add colour, flavour and sugar as desired before whipping.
  • Versatié® is unsweetened, add sweetener to taste if desired.
  • Versatié® can be used in conventional mixers, cream guns and milkshake makers.
  • Keep refrigerated at all times between 4–7°C. DO NOT FREEZE.